Dog Friendly Accommodation in Sunshine Coast for Your Family Holiday

No matter how much we love our precious pets, we can’t bring our dogs everywhere. During some of the best moments of our lives, we have to leave our four-legged friends at home with a dog sitter. If you and your children can’t stand leaving your dog behind when you leave on holiday, Dog Friendly Holidays is here.

At Dog Friendly Holidays, we have your passport to a memorable getaway with your favourite pooches. We make awesome accommodations available that can put an entire family at ease, including their dogs, big or small. Our holiday homes are situated right next to dog friendly beaches and cafes so that you can take your pups on the walks of their lives.

In Sunshine Coast, we have a gorgeous holiday house that can suit a family of six, including their pups. Our comfortable, dog friendly accommodation in Sunshine Coast is equipped with air conditioning, plasma screen, carport, and manicured gardens to help you feel relaxed and relieved of worry. Just a short walk away is the beautiful Sunshine Beach and the local cafes and surf club. There is enough nearby to fill your whole week with wonder.

By booking your dog friendly accommodation in Sunshine Coast with Dog Friendly Holidays, you can save money. When you put your pups into a kennel for a week, the rates can become expensive, especially if they are watched by someone that will give them their proper exercise and interaction. With Dog Friendly Holidays, we offer competitive rates so that you can enjoy a week’s stay with your pup and avoid outrageous prices.