Travel with Your Dog to the Coolum Beach Pet Friendly Holiday House

For dog owners, holidays can be stressful to plan. There are so many details that go into planning a vacation, plus you need to coordinate dog care. Leaving pets with family or friends can inconvenience them, and most dogs dread the dog kennel.

A better option is bringing your furry friend along to a pet friendly holiday house at Coolum Beach. Our homes at Dog Friendly Holidays are specially designed with dog owners in mind. Tiled floors make for easy clean-up of any accidents, leather couches make loose dog hair clean up quick, and fenced yards provide you with peace of mind over your dog’s safety. You can rest easy knowing your dog is welcome (and encouraged!) to join you at our pet friendly holiday house.

Enjoy a relaxing time at Coolum Beach with the whole family. Your house is a short walk to the best dog friendly leash-free beach on the Sunshine Coast, where you can enjoy a relaxing time soaking up sunshine while your dog plays with new friends. The home also gives you access to a private pool for even greater relaxation.

The house is fully self-contained with three bedrooms, including a fully stocked kitchen. The location is strategically placed in a quiet cul-de-sac, so you do not need to worry about being kept up all night by neighbours throwing parties. You can come to Dog Friendly Holidays ready to relax. Your stay can be a wonderful retreat, free of worrying about how your dog is doing at the kennel or if he is causing problems for your friend, and focus on a vacation with the whole family.