Save Money with Pet Friendly Holiday Houses on the Sunshine Coast

Vacations can be expensive but vacations for dog owners are even more costly. The average cost of a decent kennel is $35 per dog per day. The average cost of in-house care with daily walking and activities can cost up to $500 per dog per week. Paying for someone else to care for your dog while your family goes on vacation is not cheap and the separation from your family can be difficult for your dog.

One easy way to save money on your vacation is to bring your dog with you. Most vacation spots, though, do not allow pets. If they do allow pets, they often charge more for hotel rooms. Usually, there is no fenced area for your dog to run, so your poor furry friend is stuck inside all day while your family heads to the beach.

Dog Friendly Holidays believes there is a better option. We think the best vacation is one with the entire family, including your four-legged pal. Our pet friendly holiday houses on the Sunshine Coast are specially built to accommodate dogs without making you feel like it’s a burden. The homes are fully fenced, so your dog can enjoy plenty of time outside in a safe environment. The tiled floors of the houses remove the stress about your dog having an accident. The couches are leather, making it quick to wipe off any hair your dog may shed. You can enjoy a pleasant stay with your dog while saving money, making our pet friendly holiday houses on the Sunshine Coast a perfect option for dog owners.