Vacation with Your Dog at a Pet Friendly Holiday House at Mudjimba Beach

The joy of taking your dog on holiday is more than a convenience. It is great to avoid burdening a friend to watch the dog or hand over a substantial fee to pay for a kennel or in-house care. Bringing your dog with you on vacation allows you to do more than just save money. It allows you to make memories with the entire family on vacation, including your four-legged family member.

At our pet friendly holiday house at Mudjimba Beach, we love it when guests bring their dogs. Pet owners have a tremendous time watching their furry friend explore the local off-leash beach while they sit by the water reading a book or try their hand at surfing. The local beach is conveniently a short walk from our pet friendly holiday house, with acres of land and sand dunes to explore. After a full day of running, swimming, and playing fetch, you can all return to your Mudjimba Beach home with that feeling of pleasant exhaustion only a dog lover can understand.

Our pet friendly holiday house is specially designed for you and your dog. The floors are tiled so you do not need to worry about potty training accidents like you would with carpet. The furniture consists of leather couches, so you can quickly clear off any loose dog hair. The large yard provides secure fencing with 6-foot boundaries, so your dog of any size can enjoy the outside without you worrying about its safety. Your vacation with your dog will be more than a money saver; it will be a fun time for all.