Enjoy Mudjimba Beach with Your Dog at a Pet Friendly Holiday House

Taking your dog to the beach is a fun time for all involved. You can enjoy a lovely time relaxing on the sand or wrestling with the waves on a surfboard. Your dog can gallop around, playing with other dogs and racing the waves. A day at the beach always seems to end too soon. By the time you load up the family, round up all the people and pets into the car, make the drive out to the beach, you only have a few hours left before sunset.

Staying at a pet friendly holiday house on Mudjimba Beach allows you to enjoy all the fun of visiting the beach with your dog as part of an extended vacation. Our house is a short walk to an off-leash and dog-friendly beach, where your dog can meet and play with several other dogs while you relax at the beach. Renting a pet friendly holiday house so close to the beach allows you to maximise your time at the beach since you will not need to load up the car and drive each day.

Make unforgettable memories with your dog and your family by vacationing at Mudjimba Beach in a pet friendly holiday house. Each home is designed with dogs in mind, with all amenities quick and easy to clean. The backyard includes a 6-foot tall fence, so you can bring a dog of any size without worrying about space or room to run.