Bring Your Dog to the Peregian Beach Pet Friendly Holiday House

A long beach vacation is exactly what your family needs. Several days away from work and school stress, living in the moment away from the hustle and bustle of our hyper-electronic world. Lounging about on the beach, enjoying the gentle sound of the waves and the pleasant feel of the sun on your skin. All members of your family can enjoy a beach vacation, including your dog.

We love when guests bring their dogs to our Peregian Beach Pet Friendly Holiday House. In fact, we made sure our home is set up well for dogs and their families. We do not think of your dogs as an inconvenience we must accommodate like most hotels do. Instead, we believe your dog is a member of the family who should also enjoy a great vacation.

The Peregian Beach pet friendly holiday house is in a great location with only a short walk to a dog-friendly beach. Your dog can spend all day chasing the waves and making new friends as your family relaxes and plays on the beach. No more leaving your dog in a heap in the hotel room for this vacation. Your dog can be an active member of your vacation, having the time of his life right alongside your family.

After a full day playing at the beach, you can return to your home that includes a fully fenced yard. If your dog has any energy left, she can enjoy playing outside or simply lounging about in the sunshine as your family watches TV or cooks dinner. Travelling with your dog can make for a fun vacation for everyone.