Pet Friendly Holiday Homes at the Sunshine Coast Reduce Your Dog’s Stress

The soft whine of a dog watching his owners pack for vacation is one of the saddest sounds for a dog owner to hear. Paired with the forlorn eyes, it’s enough to pierce your heart. Your family deserves a vacation, but it can be hard to bear leaving behind the family dog. Reassurances that you will return mean nothing to your dog as she watches you drive away.

A better way to vacation is to bring your furry friend with you. Imagine the excitement of your dog as he watches his bed and leash loaded into the car alongside your suitcases. A beach vacation with your dog can be a lovely relaxed time if you can only find good accommodation.

Few places accept dogs and those that do often lack a fenced yard. The poor dog is confined to wait in the hotel room all day or stuck on a leash during a beach visit.

With our pet friendly holiday homes on the Sunshine Coast, you can bring your dog knowing she will have a splendid time. We create our homes with dogs in mind. Our pet friendly holiday homes on the Sunshine Coast include a securely fenced backyard, so your dog can play and lay in the sunshine as your family plans your day or relaxes indoors. The homes are within walking distance to dog-friendly beaches and coffee shops, making it easy to plan a day where your dog can join the family.