Enjoy a Truly Pet Friendly Holiday House at Coolum Beach

Have you ever had to drop off your four-legged friend at a dog kennel before going on holiday? If so, you probably remember the stress involved for both you and your dog in transporting him to a strange location, only to be separated from each other for days or weeks. Your dog probably missed his frequent interactions with you and may not have received the individualised attention you likely provide. The boarding experience can be anxiety-inducing for your pet and is often costly for dog owners.

Dog Friendly Holidays offers a better alternative to the kennel. Our pet friendly holiday houses, in Coolum Beach and other locations on the Sunshine Coast, allow you to take your canine companion along with you. At Coolum Beach, your dog will have the opportunity to enjoy both the waves and the sand on one of Queensland’s best off leash dog-friendly beaches. Your pet can take a swim or play fetch, while you and your family relax. Afterwards, you can come home to a comfortable, self-contained private house on a quiet cul-de-sac. This pet friendly holiday house in Coolum Beach is likely to be a place you and your family will want to return to year after year.

If the beach isn’t your style, we also offer private mountain and country getaways for you and your pet. Wherever you want to relax and get away from it all, your furry friend can come along as well. At Dog Friendly Holidays, we ensure that every member of your family is included, giving you greater peace of mind while reducing your dog’s vacation-related stress.