Relax with Your Pooch at a Pet Friendly Holiday House on the Sunshine Coast

It’s no secret that Australians love their pets. With over 60% of Australian households reporting having at least one pet and nearly five million dogs in the country alone, we know that our animal companions are a part of the family. We also love going on holiday to the beach, yet often assume this means boarding our beloved pets or trusting them to friends or family. Some dogs are treated to at-home pet sitting services, but these can be costly at over $500 a week per dog!

Why leave your dog behind, when you can take him with you and enjoy a pet friendly holiday house on the Sunshine Coast? At Dog Friendly Holidays, we offer various private rental properties featuring comfortable accommodations within a short walk of pet friendly beaches and coffee shops. Dogs of all sizes are allowed indoors, where they can enjoy our tiled floors and leather couches. Fenced-in yards give plenty of outdoors time as well for your dogs when they are not with you exploring the beaches and dunes.

When you take your pet with you and book a getaway with us, you’ll see how a pet friendly holiday house provides a Sunshine Coast experience you’ll never forget. Not only will you save money on boarding or hiring a pet sitter, but you and your dog will also have a truly enjoyable and relaxing time in the sun. Give your dog the vacation he’s always wanted with a holiday house from Dog Friendly Holidays!