Orangewood: A True Pet Friendly Peregian Beach Holiday House

Dog Friendly Holidays has provided vacationers and their pets with premier accommodations at comfortable and spacious rental properties for over fifteen years. One of our true gems is Orangewood, a pet friendly Peregian Beach holiday house only a short distance away from the pristine sandy shores of the Sunshine Coast.

This lovely furnished home is the quintessential Australian beach house and is genuinely dog-friendly! You’ll find everything you need for your family and your pet, from an outdoor BBQ to a generously sized fenced in yard for your dog to run around in and relax in the sun. Indoors, you and your family can enjoy the three bedrooms and two baths, along with air conditioning and amenities such as a flat-screen TV and washer and dryer. Dogs of every size are always welcome, both indoors and out!

When you’re not enjoying the property, you and your pet can stroll along Peregian Beach and its quiet, laid back village. You can take in plenty of sunshine or sit in the comfort of the shady town square while enjoying tea from a local café. Children may benefit from the skate park and nearby playground, while couples can enjoy an evening walk in the beachfront park. Every step of the way, your favourite four-legged friend can remain at your side.

At Dog Friendly Holidays, we encourage holiday goers to remember that their pets are welcome to join in on the fun! You’ll never want to leave your pet behind again after spending time at our pet friendly Peregian Beach holiday house.