Enjoy the Sunshine Coast with a Dog Friendly Accommodation

For many dog owners, going on holiday means leaving the family pet behind either with friends or at an expensive dog kennel. This can mean a lot of added stress for you, and for your budget! Dog Friendly Holidays can help you enjoy the Sunshine Coast with dog friendly accommodation which will likely be easier on your pocketbook while providing all the comforts of a vacation you’d expect.

When considering taking your dog on holiday, it’s important to take your pet’s individual needs and preferences into account. Some dogs are social butterflies who enjoy new experiences and meeting new canine and human friends. Other dogs take a little more time to get out of their shell and may prefer a more laid back approach with plenty of private time. Whatever your dog needs to feel comfortable, our dog friendly accommodations help dogs feel at home and allow them to enjoy quality time with the humans they love.

If your dog has never gone on holiday with you before, you’ll want to take it slow and allow them to adjust to their new settings. Before long, your dog will likely be wagging its tail and happily lounging about the house like it’s his own!

If you’re looking to explore the Sunshine Coast but need dog friendly accommodation, Dog Friendly Holidays has plenty of options ideally suited for your pet as well as your entire family. From our quiet Palms property at Coolum Beach to our generously-sized Peregian Beach Orangewood home, there’s something for everyone when you take your canine pal to one of our dog-friendly homes.