Planning Your Vacation to a Sunshine Coast Pet Friendly Holiday House

Like humans, dogs need holidays too! While it can be difficult to find lodging that will accept your four-legged friend, Dog Friendly Holidays offers pet friendly accommodations so that the whole family can get away and relax. A Sunshine Coast pet friendly holiday house is the perfect getaway for people and dogs alike, as most are within a short distance of dog friendly beaches, cafes, and boutiques.

If you do plan on taking your dog on holiday with you, it is important that you prepare accordingly. If you do not, your furry family member may find the holiday more stressful than relaxing. We suggest talking to your veterinarian before booking your Sunshine Coast pet friendly holiday house. If they give your dog the go-ahead to travel, there are a few planning tips you should keep in mind while preparing for your holiday:

  • Whether you’re flying or driving, your dog should be crated. Before crating them, make sure they get plenty of exercise; that way he or she burns off any excess energy and will be more inclined to rest the duration of the car ride or flight.
  • Allow your pet to get accustomed to the crate before placing them in it for travel. This way they don’t view the crate as a prison and will be comfortable for the length of time it takes to get from your home to the Sunshine Coast.
  • Bring your dog’s favourite blanket, animal, or bone, so they feel more at home at the holiday house.
  • When you reach your destination, take your dog on a walk along one of the dog friendly beaches or allow them to run around a bit before entering the home.
  • When they do enter the holiday house, give them a tour of all the rooms and allow them to sniff and explore as much as they need.

Now that you know how to give your dog a relaxing holiday book a stay at our Sunshine Coast Pet friendly holiday house. Call us on 0413 059 925 to book your accommodation today.